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Discover us at the-longest-yarn.com. We are knitting and crocheting The Longest Day in time for the 80th Anniversary, June 6th 2024, 80 meters in 3D representing 80 years and the 80 day Battle of Normandy before they got to liberate Paris

A Thread Through History 

Knitted and Crocheted an 80 meter 3D depiction of 6th June 1944 in wool art

80 scenes to include the build up in England, the horrors on the Landing Beaches and the bloody inland battles

Created with guidance from historians, retained by the project, to be historically accurate, each scene has been selected by the creator to depict the story of this momentous day in history, each scene unique and made with care.

With some of the scenes dedicated and depicting actual WW2 veterans that were in the theatre of war here in Normandy on 6th June.

As we are a non profit Association and self funding to put the exhibition on we need help - look for the go fund me button!


Frequently Asked Questions

Where and when are you being exhibited?

28th May 2024 is our inauguration at Notre Dame Cathedral in Carentan where we will be on display until 1st September and then we will be on tour... our 1st destination will possibly be Southwell Cathedral in Nottinghamshire from 8th to 28th September - to be confirmed.

Is it free to get in to see?

Absolutely! We are a non profit registered association here in France - the book is payable.

“Absolutely Stunning! Amazing work & well done to all involved’

— Helen D.

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Rachel McQueen
4 days ago

Ive just ordered a Churchill tea cosy order no 30. Is says to transfer the funds - can you explain how I do that - I don’t have PayPal - thanks

Heather Hughes
4 days ago

Shame I won't get to see this I'm in South East, limited to how far I can travel due to health

Vanessa Stedman
5 days ago

Already made plans to visit Carentan to see your beautiful work !

Susan Senior
5 days ago

Fabulous work by everyone concerned, we are doing a display in my local church for D Day won’t be anything like yours but the sentiments will be the same.

Sheila Willis
6 days ago

Amazing work, is it possible you will be coming to the south of England. Would love to see this amazing creation

Suzanne Hoffman
10 days ago

Will you post a list of the panel topics ?

dee thornhill
12 days ago

thanks for what you are all doing I hate to think about the hours of knitting and sewing that are being done

Annie Knight
15 days ago

Absolutely amazing! In the run up to D-Day my mum worked at Telephone House in Portsmouth, helping plot Eisenhower's routes. Hope you've been to the map room at Southwick House (I think one of your scenes portrays this). After the war my mum met my Dad who'd been a navigator in Bomber Command. We were in Normandie with my parents and our children for the 50th and 60th anniversaries. Hoping to go for the 80th.

Peg Browning
18 days ago

I am going to Normandy for a month in June and will definitely go to Carentan Cathedral. I was in Normandy for the 40th anniversary of D-Day and am determined to be there for the eightieth. My father was there in 1944.

Sue McNally
20 days ago

Amazing. Very clever. Would love to see it all.

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Carentan Normandy, France

What is The Longest Yarn?


An 80 meter 3 D knitted/crocheted work depicting The Longest Day 6th June 1944 in time for the 80th Anniversary.

Inspired by Tansy Forster who admired very much the toppers and yarn bombing events in the UK - had the idea she’d make a topper for her garden wall in Houesville for 80th Anniversary, however mulling it over with a few other folk and a some other knitters the whole thing rather grew and now It’s a work of 80 meters representing 80 years and the 80 days of The Battle of Normandy, it is broken up in to 80 1 meter panels being constructed around the world… from as far as Australia, New Zealand, United States of America, Canada, Great Britain, Ireland and here in Europe.


Each panel represents what happened on June 6th 1944 - with men loading up in England and stuck there because of the storm, to the fierce battles on the landing beaches in Normandy, the bombardment of the civilian population with towns and cities flattened by allied bombing. The combined battle casualties of the Invasion were 550,000 of that 4,000 civilians, it’s estimated 250,000 cows were killed on 6th June.


The work on display is free to enter, but best to be accompanied by the book we are writing, which will explain each scene, a photograph of the war photo that inspired the creator, the finished scene along with description of what it is about and the a bio of the maker