Our Needs: 

We are a totally self funding non profit registered Association here in France…

All our creators, who come from all walks of life and age groups, have supplied their own wool, time and creativity along with paying for postage etc. to get their work here to Normandy. So far we have managed to have pledged free Van Passage on Brittany Ferries to bring all the panels over in April, the boxes have been donated and warehouse space was given to us to house the flat packed boxes.

We now need to work out how to get all the boxes with the completed panels back to one place, loaded up and brought across the Channel! The ones from USA are being brought by the creators as they want to come to Normandy!

To display the completed work, because of sheer volume of visitors to the area over 6th June weeks, we need to protect it and get Perspex covering made, the other need for covering apart from dust & grime … it’s very tactile - everyone wants to touch it!


28 cubic meter Van, petrol & driver

Place as a gathering point for all completed panels ready for uplift

Perspex Covering

80 meters plywood cut 100 x 50 cms 

Trestles x 160

Accessories to put the whole thing together, buttons, fishing wire, glue, needles, thread, hooks.

We’d like to print T shirts, post cards etc to sell

Printing costs for the book

Sand bags to keep trestles weighed down

Framing for the embroidered panels with all the names 

Most importantly Tea and Biscuits for all the workers assembling the work in May!



So if you can provide any of the above please let me know… or please contribute to our go fund me below