DDay Momento


These lovely momentos were created for us by residents of a nursing home.
4 of the participants share their memories with us. 
The oldest resident to participate in this project is Betty Wood who is a 100 years old, she still loves to knit. Although born & living in South Africa during the D Day landings of 1944, she can remember two South Africans being awarded the Military Cross for gallantry in D Day.

Another resident Joyce Baxtrem who is 93, loves to knit and during COVID started knitting a scarf, she said she would not stop knitting until she was allowed out again, the scarf got to 300ft and appeared on our local TV. We love her fighting spirit

She tells us  she can remember listening on the radio to Eisenhower when he said allied armies would be landing on the Northern coast of France.

Ellen Else who is 93, likes to knit, she recalls her dad being a vicar during the war and everyone  praying for the soldiers that would be involved in the D Day landings and for God to watch over them.

Joyce Wooffindin is 83 loves knitting, she said taking part in this project has made her life worth living. She was 3 at the time of the D Day landings and cannot remember much, but she does recall 2 German prisoners of war working in their farm (Home Farm) in Skelton.

Message from a member of staff at the nursing home: 
Working with the residents on this project has been fantastic and given them such a purpose. Thank you

You will recieve a 4 inch soldier,  a square dday card and a poppy. This will come in a sealed cellophane bag, making it just perfect for yourself or to gift to someone.